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Contracting Officer Representative Training

DATE:                 July 28 – Aug. 1, 2014 (5 days) / 8:00am to 4:00pm each day
LOCATION:       Conference Center Room 107 / Building 1100
COST:                 $375 / person (includes all training materials)
PROVIDER:        Atlantic Management Center, Inc. / Tony Peguese, Instructor

Technical personnel play a vital role in acquiring equipment, systems, and support services by contract for the Government. They prepare the work statement; evaluate proposals; recommend source selection; and, as the appointed contracting officer’s representative (COR), review, guide and direct the contractor’s performance. Program success relies upon their informed and timely input. Effective contracting requires that technical personnel possess and correctly apply technical and administrative skills. Most technical personnel become involved in acquisitions because of their technical expertise. This course looks to improving agency acquisitions and contractor performance by enhancing their knowledge and practical application of contracting principles.


Students who successfully complete this course will be able to…..
  • Identify their responsibilities in the acquisition process and applicable requirements from the FAR and Agency policy.
  • Address key elements of acquisition planning including market research, competition, source selection, contract type, use of indefinite delivery contracts, cost estimating, funding, special considerations for service contracts, logistical considerations, Government-furnished property and information, and security.
  • Recognize authorized limitations on full and open competition; develop a justification for other than full and open competition, and support small business set-aside goals and programs.
  • Prepare a performance-based work statement, source selection criteria, and technical proposal instructions.
  • Observe solicitation constraints including communication with prospective offerors, disclosure of information, and confidentiality.
  • Understand their input to the source selection process including the technical evaluation plan, evaluating proposals and reaching an agreement, cost realism and best value analysis, and source selection.
  • Plan for quality and schedule assurance, select the appropriate remedy for nonconforming or delinquent performance, and prepare contractor performance evaluation reports.
  • Support timely execution of contract modifications and avoid unauthorized changes.
  • Provide timely technical direction within the scope of the contract requirements.
  • Review payment requests and provide timely feedback.
  • Know and appreciate standards of procurement ethics including areas of proscribed conduct under the Procurement Integrity Act and criminal conflict of interest statutes.

This training is coordinated by the Center of Higher Learning.  To register or for more information, please contact Keith Long at 228-688-7662 or via email at  CHL accepts checks, wire / ACH transfers, training forms, and purchase orders as payment.  All payments must be received 1 week prior to the beginning of class.  This class is limited to 30 participants.

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