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Microsoft Access Training: Intermediate (Level 2 of 3)

The Center of Higher Learning and Pearl River Community College are pleased to announce Microsoft software training at the NASA John C. Stennis Space Center. These classes are scheduled for the CHL Computer Training Lab in Bldg. 1103, Room 1005. 

To reserve a seat, at least one week prior, please contact Troy Teadt at 228-688-3113 (office), 985-788-3257 (cell) or (email). 

To see details for the entire Access series, click here.

Access: Intermediate (Level 2 of 3)

Performance-Based Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • share data with other applications and enforce referential integrity.
  • modify the design of a table to streamline data entry and maintain data integrity.
  • use a filter to show you records in a datasheet or a form that match whatever conditions you specify, and you will generate different query results by creating different types of joins between tables.
  • create select queries that display special records and you will design other types of queries, including parameter and action queries.
  • create forms and change their designs to enhance the appearance and usability of a form and to make your form more professional.
  • create reports and change their designs to better organize and summarize information and to improve the appearance by enhancing data layout and working with report pagination.
  • create and work with data access pages.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Managing a Database and Data

Topic 1A: Import Data

Topic 1B: Maintain Record Integrity

Topic 1C: Exporting Data

Topic 1D: Documenting Table Relationships

Lesson 2: Controlling Data Entry

Topic 2A: Make Data Entry More Accurate

Topic 2B: Make Data Entry More Efficient

Topic 2C: Facilitate Data Entry

Lesson 3: Finding and Joining Data

Topic 3A: Find Data with Filters

Topic 3B: Get the Correct Data with Query Joins

Topic 3C: Building Bridges Between the Data

Topic 3D: Relating Data within a Table

Lesson 4: Creating Flexible Queries

Topic 4A: Summarizing Data with Queries

Topic 4B: Enter Criteria on the Fly

Topic 4C: Maintain Data with Queries

Lesson 5: Improving Your Forms

Topic 5A: Enhance the Appearance of a Form

Topic 5B: Enhance the Usability of a Form

Topic 5C: Make Your Forms More Professional

Topic 5D: Display Form Data from Multiple Tables

Lesson 6: Customizing Your Reports

Topic 6A: Organize Report Information

Topic 6B: Enhancing Data Layout

Topic 6C: Working with Report Pagination

Topic 6D: Summarizing Information

Topic 6E: Add a Subreport to an Existing Report

Topic 6F: Creating Mailing Labels

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