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Excel 2013 for Beginners

Excel 2013 for Beginners

January 17, 2018
8:00 - 5:00
CHL Computer Lab, 1103 Balch Blvd.
Stennis Space Center

Cost: $25

To register, contact Troy Teadt at 228-688-3113 or 985-788-3257 or by email at, at least one week before the class date.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • create a basic worksheet by entering text and values
  • work with cells and cell data by using a variety of moving and copying techniques
  • perform calculations on data by using formulas, including functions
  • change the appearance of worksheet data by using a variety of formatting techniques
  • work with multiple worksheets by formatting, repositioning, copying and moving, and adding and deleting worksheets within a workbook
  • set the page display and printing options

Course Content

Lesson 1: Getting Started

  • Introduction to the Excel Application Window
  • Navigation techniques and shortcuts
  • Enter Data in a Worksheet
  • Creating Basic Formulas
  • Save a Workbook

Lesson 2: Editing Your Worksheet

  • Moving Data to Other Cells
  • Copy Data to Other Cells
  • Fill Cells with a Series of Data
  • Insert and Delete Rows and Columns
  • Find and Replace Numbers

Lesson 3: Performing Calculations

  • Sum a Range of Data
  • Use a Built-in Function
  • Copy a Formula
  • Create an Absolute Reference

Lesson 4: Formatting

  • Specify Number Formats
  • Create a Custom Number Format
  • Change Font Size and Type
  • Add Borders and Color to Cells
  • Change Column Width and Row Height
  • Align Cell Contents 
  • Merge and Center Cells
  • Apply an AutoFormat

Lesson 5: Working with Multiple Worksheets

  • Format Worksheet Tabs
  • Reposition Worksheets in a Workbook
  • Copy Worksheets
  • Change the Number of Worksheets

Lesson 6: Setting Page Display and Printing Options

  • Freeze Rows and Columns
  • Set Print Title
  • Set Page Margins
  • Create a Header and Footer
  • Change Page Orientation
  • Insert and Remove Page Breaks
  • Print a Range

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