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Microsoft Access: Part 1

Microsoft Access: Part 1
October 25 - 26 (two days)
CHL Computer Lab
1103 Balch Blvd., Stennis Space Center, Room 1005

Cost: $40

To register, contact:
Troy Teadt, PRCC Workforce Liaison
228.688-3113 (office)
985.788.3257 (cell)
228.688.7454 (fax)

Course Outline:

1.  Getting Started with Access
Orientation to Microsoft Access
Create a Simple Access Database

2.   Working with Table Data
Modify Table Data Sort & Filter Records
Work with Subdatasheets
Create Lookups

3.  Querying a Database
Join Data from Different Tables in Query
Sort and Filter Data in a Query
Perform Calculations in a Query

4. Creating Flexible Queries
Create Parameter Queries
Create Action Queries

5.  Generating Reports
Create a Report
Add Controls to a Report
Enhance the Appearance of a Report
Prepare a Report for Print

6.  Customizing the Access Environment
The Access Options Dialog Box

7. Designing a Relational Database
Relational Database Design
Create and Import Tables
Create Table Relationships

8.  Joining Tables in Queries
Create Query Joins
Join Tables With No Common Fields
Relate Data within a Table

9.  Importing and Exporting Data
Import Data into Access
Export Data to Text File Formats

10. Advanced Reporting
Organize Report Information
Include Control Formatting in a Report
Add a Calculated Field to a Report
Add a Subreport to an Existing Report

VIEW Access Level 2 course details by clicking here.

VIEW a printable flyer for the entire two-part Access series by clickinghere.


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