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Microsoft Access: Part 2

Microsoft Access: Level 2
November 1 - 2, 2017 (two days)
CHL Computer Lab
1103 Balch Blvd., Stennis Space Center, Room 1005

Cost: $40

To register, contact:
Troy Teadt, PRCC Workforce Liaison
228.688-3113 (office)
985.788.3257 (cell)
228.688.7454 (fax)

Course Outline:

1.   Advanced Queries
Create Unmatched & Duplicate Queries
Crosstab Queries
Create Subqueries

2.   Implementing Advanced Form Design
Add Controls to Forms
Create Subforms
Organize Information with Tab Pages
Enhance Navigation of Forms
Apply Conditional Formatting

3.  Using Data Validation
Field and Record Validation
Form Validation

4.  Using Macros to Improve User Interface Design
Create a Macro
Restrict Records Using a Condition
Validate Data Using a Macro
Automate Data Entry Using a Macro
Convert a Macro to VBA

5.  Sharing Data Across Applications
Export Access Data to Excel
Export Access Data Create a PivotTable
Export Access Data Create a Mail Merge

6.  Advanced Database Management
Link Tables to External Data Sources
Manage a Database
Determine Object Dependency
Document a Database
Analyze the Performance of a Database

7. Distributing and Securing a Database
Splitting Database for Multiple Users
Implement Security
Set Passwords
Convert Access Database to ACCDE File
Database with Digital Signature

8.   Managing Switchboards
Create a Database Switchboard
Modify a Database Switchboard
Set Startup Options


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