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Microsoft Word Training: Intermediate

The Center of Higher Learning and Pearl River Community College are pleased to announce Microsoft software training at the NASA John C. Stennis Space Center. These classes are scheduled for the CHL Computer Training Lab in Bldg. 1103, Room 1005. 

To reserve a seat, at least one week prior, please contact Troy Teadt at 228-688-3113 (office), 985-788-3257 (cell) or (email). 

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Word: Intermediate (Level 2 of 3)

Performance-Based Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • create and modify custom templates, apply existing styles, and create a custom style.
  • enhance a table by merging table cells, sorting and calculating table data, and creating charts based on various table data.
  • learn how to insert, manipulate, and format graphic images, including clip art, AutoShapes, WordArt, and organization charts.
  • create a newsletter using columns, sections, and graphics.
  • use the Mail Merge Wizard to mail merge form letters, complete with mailing labels.
  • include comments in a document and compare and merge documents.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Creating and Modifying Templates

Topic 1A: Apply Styles

Topic 1B: Modify Styles

Topic 1C: Create User-Defined Styles

Topic 1D: Create a Template from an Existing Document

Lesson 2: Managing Tables and Table Data in Documents

Topic 2A: Convert Tabbed Text into a Table

Topic 2B: Merge Cells in a Table

Topic 2C: Open an Excel Table in Word

Topic 2D: Sort Table Data

Topic 2E: Perform Calculations in Tables

Topic 2F: Create and Modify a Chart Based on Word Table Data

Topic 2G: Link Excel Data in a Word Table

Lesson 3: Adding Graphics

Topic 3A: Insert a Clip Art Image

Topic 3B: Add an AutoShape

Topic 3C: Insert WordArt

Topic 3D: Insert an Organizational Chart

Lesson 4: Creating a Newsletter

Topic 4A: Create a Document Section

Topic 4B: Format Text into Newsletter Columns

Topic 4C: Control Column Text Flow

Topic 4D: Wrap Text Around a Graphic

Topic 4E: Create Envelopes and Labels

Lesson 5: Sending Form Letters

Topic 5A: Select the Main Document Type

Topic 5B: Select the Data Source

Topic 5C: Insert Merge Fields

Topic 5D: Merge and Preview Form Letters

Topic 5E: Create Mailing Labels

Lesson 6: Creating a Web Page

Topic 6A: Create a Web Page Using a Template

Topic 6B: Preview a Web Page in a Browser

Topic 6C: Create a Hyperlink in a Web Page

Topic 6D: Edit a Hyperlink in a Web Page

Topic 6E: Apply a Theme to a Web Page

Lesson 7: Managing Document Changes

Topic 7A: Use Comments in Word Documents

Topic 7B: Compare and Merge Documents

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