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Microsoft Office PowerPoint: Advanced

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013: Level 2

Wednesday, September 20
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Center of Higher Learning Computer Lab No. 2
Bldg. 1103, Room 1004

Cost: $25
To register, contact Troy Teadt at 228-688-3113 or 985-788-3257 or by email at, at least one week before the class date.

Performance-Based Objectives

  • create a design template.
  • create organization charts and diagrams.
  • add special effects to a Microsoft® Office PowerPoint®  slide.
  • use advanced animation techniques
  • create a Microsoft® Office PowerPoint®  presentation containing hyperlinks and action controls.

Course Content:

Lesson 1: Creating a Custom Design Template

Topic 1A: Define Design Template Characteristics

Topic 1B: Create a Custom Color Scheme

Topic 1C: Set Up a Slide Master

Topic 1D: Format Custom Bullets

Topic 1E: Add a Footer

Topic 1F: Modify the Notes Master

Topic 1G: Save a Custom Design Template

Lesson 2: Adding Organization Charts and Diagrams

Topic 2A: Working with Organization Charts

Topic 2B: Update an Organization Chart

Topic 2C: Applying a Chart Layout

Topic 2D: Create a Diagram

Topic 2E: Draw a Flowchart

Lesson 3: Adding Special Effects

Topic 3A: Add Sound and Movies

Topic 3B: Add Animation and Work with Advanced Timeline

Topic 3C: Emphasize Objects

Topic 3D: Set a Motion Path

Topic 3E: Set the Order of Effects

Lesson 4: Creating Presentations Containing Hyperlinks

Topic 4A: Create a Group Home Page with the AutoContent Wizard

Topic 4B: Hyperlink to a Web Page

Topic 4C: Hyperlink to another slide

Topic 4DHyperlink to another MS file

Lesson 5: Collaborating in PowerPoint

Topic 5A: Set Password Protection

Topic 5B: Work with Comments

Topic 5C: Send a Presentation for Review

Topic 5D: Merge Revision Copies

Topic 5E: Apply Reviewer Changes

Lesson 6: Delivering a Presentation

Topic 6A: Hyperlink Within PowerPoint

Topic 6B: Add an Action Button

Topic 6C: Set Up a Custom Show

Topic 6D: Annotate a Presentation

Topic 6E: Working with Narrations and Slide Timings

Topic 6F: Set Up a Slide Show to Repeat Automatically

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