The University of Southern Mississippi
Department of Geography

Note: This degree program is currently inactive at the John C. Stennis Space Center. If a sufficient number of students are interested in pursuing a Masters degree, a new cohort group can be established.If interested, please contact the Center of Higher Learning at (228) 688-7662.

In the Fall of 2003, the Department of Geography at the University of Southern Mississippi initiated a comprehensive M.S. degree in Geography with an emphasis in Geographic Information Technology at the John C. Stennis Space Center. The program is offered on-site at Stennis Space Center and is taught by full-time faculty from the geography department at USM.

About Geography at USM

The Department of Geography at USM was founded in 1912 and is currently the oldest continually degree-granting geography program in America. Furthermore, the University of Southern Mississippi offers the only geography degree (B.S. and M.S.) in Mississippi. On the Hattiesburg campus, the department currently offers graduate concentrations in: Physical Geography; Cultural Geography and Land Use Studies; and Geographic Information Sciences. The department also offers a 16 hour certificate program in Geographic Information Technology.

The Stennis Degree Program

The program is a 36-hour (minimum) Master of Science in Geographic Information Technology. The curriculum is designed so that a student can complete the course work and associated graduate research entirely on the Stennis Campus.

Required Core:

GHY 610 3.0 Seminar in Research and Data Presentation
GHY 612 3.0 Seminar in Geographic Information (repeatable)

Either: GHY 512/L 4.0 Environmental Remote Sensing or GHY 518/L 4.0 Spatial Analysis
Either: GHY 696 1.0 Professional Paper or GHY 698 6.0 Thesis

Additional Courses:

GHY 510/L 4.0 21st Century Cartography
GHY 511/L 4.0 R.S. and Image Interpretation
GHY 512/L 4.0 Environmental Remote Sensing
GHY 516/L 3.0 Computer Applications in GHY
GHY 517/L 3.0 Geographic Information Systems
GHY 518/L 4.0 Spatial Analysis
GHY 519 1.0 Managing Geographic Information Systems
GHY 615 3.0 Seminar in Quantitative Methods
GHY 692 1 – 3 Special Problems (may be repeated for a total of six hours)
GHY 693 4.0 Internship
GHY 694 1 – 3 Geographic Information Prolaboratory
GLY 523/L 4.0 Geological Remote Sensing and GIS
HYD 600 4.0 Classical Geodesy
HYD 606 3.0 Nautical Cartography and GIS
HYD 611 3.0 Remote Sensing for Hydrographers
MAR 602 3.0 Remote Sensing of Oceans

Students may also take up to 9 hours from any cognate science.

Application Procedure and Admission

Graduate applications must be submitted to the College of Science and Technology from where they will be processed by the Geography Department.

    - applicants must take the GRE (before completing the ninth hour of graduate credit)
     - TOEFL must be taken upon admission to the program (only for non-native English speakers)
     - no course prerequisites for incoming graduate students


Dr. Clifton Dixon, Chair
The Department of Geography
Box 5051
The University of Southern Mississippi
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